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Data Warehousing Services

We help you create data warehouse by data cleaning, integration, and consolidation. A data warehouse is a key aspect of any business. It’s a place where all the data of an enterprise is stored from heterogeneous sources so all the analysis can be made on that data to derive key decisions or form any strategy.

Data warehouse
to generate relevant analytics

Leveraging a Data Warehouse for Relevant Analytics

In today’s business landscape, data analysis plays a vital role in the success of startups, SMEs, and enterprises alike. It empowers organizations to make well-informed decisions and take calculated risks. However, grappling with terabytes of data and deciphering trends can be challenging without effective graphical interactive visualization

Predictive Analytics RevesBI

Data classification is an essential aspect of data management, distinguishing data into different categories

  • Structured data, such as employee information and inventory management.
  • Semi-structured data, including custom forms.
  • Unstructured data, like video recordings and audio.

At Reves BI, we extract, transform, and load the data to ensure it is processed and accessible to users through various tools like BI tools, SQL clients, and spreadsheets. A data warehouse serves as a consolidation point for information from diverse sources, enabling organizations to gain a holistic understanding of their customers by considering all available data. Data warehousing facilitates data mining, a crucial aspect of deriving insights.

There are three main types of data warehouses

Enterprise Data Warehouse

A centralized warehouse that offers decision support services across the entire organization. It provides a unified approach to organizing and representing data, allowing for classification and access based on subject areas.

Operational Data Store (ODS)

A data store used when neither the data warehouse nor the OLTP systems fulfill reporting needs. ODS is refreshed in real-time and is preferred for routine activities such as employee record-keeping.

Data Mart

A subdivision of the data warehouse designed for a specific line of business, such as sales or finance. In an independent data mart, data can be directly collected from sources.

Reves Data Systems has a team of expert Data Engineers and data scientists who can assist you in building a robust, secure, and fault-tolerant data warehouse architecture. Our experienced data engineers can construct unique architectures and conceptual data models tailored to various domains and segments. We utilize a range of tools and technologies to deliver the best data warehousing services, including Elasticsearch, Oracle, Amazon Redshift, Microsoft Azure, Google BigQuery, Snowflake, IBM Informix, Cloudera Altus, and Talend.

Implementing a data warehouse offers several benefits

Enhanced data quality and consistency: Standardizing data from multiple sources ensures accuracy and consistency. Improved business intelligence: By integrating data sources, the data warehouse provides a unified view for effective business intelligence. Timely access to data: Decision-makers and users can access data from various sources promptly. By leveraging the power of data warehousing, organizations can optimize their data management and leverage data-driven insights for better decision-making.



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